Meghbela Services are provided on a highly engineered domestic and state-of-the-art network with sufficient back bone capacity that guarantees reliable transmission of any type of traffic, be it data, voice or video.


State of the art multi-redundant Infrastructure to support different type of needs and client base.

Multiple last mile options through strategically aligned partnership with the last mile service providers.

Internet access ports capacity ranging from 64 Kbps, through multiples of E1s till multiples of STMs.

Dedicated infrastructure for high-usage clients & service providers.

Strategic partnership with network & security vendors.

Highly secured architecture with Firewall, IDS, IPS, Content filtering etc.

24 hour network & security monitoring from our end.

Both centralized & de-centralized telephonic supports.

Guaranteed bandwidth for critical business usage.

Readily available SLAs

Offline NMS reports.